Thursday, April 27, 2006

happy half birthday to me!

this morning I was presented with a half birthday present, something I had never before received. my fabulous friend and co-worker had been preparing this gift since my actual birthday, which falls in late october. while some might question the wisdom of bestowing a belated gift, I can truly say that it meant more to me in April than it would have in October. and not only because my day was balancing on the cusp, precariously teetering on the line between good day and bad. the out of the blue offering is exciting by its sheer unexpectedness. don't get me wrong, I love birthdays. why shouldn't everyone have one day out of 365 where their very existence is celebrated? heck, I even have a semi-patented birthday dance! but having someone recognize and celebrate you randomly is immensely more satisfying, I can now say from experience.

highlight number 2 was the arrival of a message from my recently departed boss and mentor, who relocated a month or two ago to a different state. not having heard from her in weeks has been rough, after seeking her wisdom and inspiration on a daily basis. but thankfully she is settled in to a new house and a new job and doing well.

wouldn't be right if I didn't mention the ice cream cake brought by a super dedicated volunteer to tonight's meeting. a day is nothing but awesome when ice cream cake is served.

oh, oh, I completely cleaned out my outlook inbox today! I'm sure I'll have 34 new messages by tomorrow morning encouraging me to seek help for my erectile disfunction in order to better please my lover, but I will sleep soundly knowing that I actually left the office caught up on at least email.

and in closing, my super perfect boyfriend told me he loves me at least 4 times in the 2 hours that I've been home.

until tomorrow and another day filled with good things...


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