Tuesday, August 24, 2010

buzz off

Day 2

Yoga - 2
Spanish - 2

it's amazing how a little goal setting can shift a mind. for the first time in the nearly 3 years i've worked there, i "accidentally" forgot my work phone on my desk tonight. it was one of those afternoons of meetings after meetings following meetings after which some urgent last minute business took me to 5:30. at which time i shut down and gtfo. wasn't until i was on the bus and about to do my first of many compulsive blackberry checks that i realized said blackberry was not in my bag. i'm ashamed to admit that i had a moment of panic and very nearly went back. but i didn't, and made it home with plenty of time to spare for worthy pursuits.

shit got real in Spanish tonight. i had to disable the voice recognition or risk throwing my laptop out the window as it repeatedly buzzed me for mispronouncing "bi". really? then, content made a leap in lesson 3. went from "what is it" to "what are you (he, she, they) doing?". knowing this phrase would be so much more relevant to me if i knew the words for "the hell". RS really should include a cursing unit.


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