Monday, August 23, 2010

a new leaf?

i work too much. this statement should not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me. I go in early, stay late, check my blackberry excessively and respond to emails on the weekend. until now.

don't get me wrong, i truly love my job. i am blessed to work with a fantastic group of people at a well-respected, "visionary" non-profit. i believe in the mission and in our ability to do good in our little corner of the world in better, more dignified and more efficient ways.

but all work and no play, well, you know what they say. so it's time for a change. and i've already begun! for the past few weeks, i've been doing my best to leave work promptly at 4:30 or as close to that as possible. this allows me to catch a reliable bus (which will become *much* more important as the seasons change) and to get home with the time and energy to do non-work things.

so far that has resulted in an exceptionally (for us) clean apartment, progress on my ER obsession and more books read. while the latter two activities bring me much joy, a well-balanced life they do not make.

so i asked myself, "kelly ann" (i wanted to be sure i got my attention), "what are the things you keep meaning to do but never seem to get around to?" two answers immediately came to mind and the gauntlet was thrown.

The goals:
(1) learn spanish, like, for real.
(2) get back into yoga, just a little bit

The tools:
(1) thanks to my incredible man-friend, i am now in possession of Rosetta Stone (which both of us insist on calling Rosetta Stoned unconsciously) for Latin American Spanish.
(2) my yoga dvd collection is rather extensive. most especially relevant, and since purchase underused, is a lovely offering by ms. Shiva Rea called Daily Energy, which is made up of 7 stand-along 20-minute practices.

The challenge:
I'm not going big here. my motivation for anything but ER or Sci-fi novels has been less than stellar lately, so i'm setting the bar low. they say it takes two weeks for a habit to stick and that's all i'm aiming for. starting today, and for the next 14 days, i am committing to 20 minutes of yoga and at least one session of Spanish every day.

can i commit a daily hour to my goals? sure! can i get myself out of work with more than an hour's worth of time before bed? slightly harder. but it can be done! here goes...


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