Thursday, December 27, 2007

hello, my name is onkelo and I'm a hermit

I met up with one of my super coolest friends after work today for drinks. her exuberance is infectious and she's artsy to boot (check out her designs here even this accessoriphobe knows they're fantastic!) it felt *so good* to relax and chat about anything and everything with someone so lively and just plain fun. following on the heels of a recent evening out with ms. mdm, i'm feeling all sorts of social and simply loving it. it's unfamiliar terrain for me, these days at least, and I'm holding off on making it a goal for the new year. "get out more" or "be more social" seems to be on every resolution list I've ever created, but I never seem to be able to follow through? and it's not for lack of, ultimately, wanting to. I *know* I have fun when I'm out, I *know* I'll feel happier mentally if I hang out rather than hibernate. And yet, year by year, I become increasingly reclusive. granted, moving into the city has definitely helped. meeting E. today was easy, as is Quizzo on Tuesday nights. but invite me to something after 6pm and I'm already calculating how much it's going to cut into my bed time:) is there any hope for me? a 12-step program maybe?


Blogger Mikaela said...

::eating popcorn::

Can't wait to see how this progresses :)

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