Thursday, September 06, 2007

who would have guessed?

that I'd absolutely love being a city girl!? granted I've not been mugged or gotten a ticket or been kept up late by drunk revelers yet, but so far, I am in urban heaven! we have no internet at home for another week, so I'm blissfully forced to visit the local (fair-trade, organic, vegan-friendly) coffeeshop every morning to check in with the interwebs.

yesterday I chatted for a good long while with the owner of a tea shop, also around the corner, stocking more than 100 different types of loose tea. wearing a race t-shirt will spark such things between former and current marathoners.

the post office is a mere 3 blocks away. you can get beer delivered to your door (two case minimum, ha!). "vegan" isn't a strange word to anyone I've mentioned it to.

somebody pinch me!


Blogger James said...

Isn't it totally fun???!! :)

1:05 PM  

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