Thursday, May 04, 2006

"you're a great little speaker"

those words made my night. as always, my grumbling on the way to this once a month, late (for me) meeting, was quickly replaced with upbeat, well, soroptimism. a hearty greeting, by name, when I walked in the door was a great start. pasta primavera for the vegetarian? no sir, not this time around! they were ready for us with a scrumptious dish of grilled portobellos intermingled with grilled veggies and topped with melted cheese. green beans and a baked potato on the side finished things off nicely. I spent dinner in lively discussion with one of our partner families. She was moving into her home right as I was coming on board and so I never really got to know her. I'm so happy that I finally got the chance! between dinner and dessert she and I got up to do our spiel, which apparently went very well as evidenced the praise mentioned earlier. I also got to participate in the installation of new officers, which was both funny and touching.

it's a bike day, wa-hoo! must be my train guy's day off, 'cause there was a youngster there in his place. only 8 hours until I can bike home:)


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