Tuesday, May 09, 2006

to sleep, perchance to dream

At last, a full night's sleep! I recall dreaming but not what those specific dreams were. in any case, I awoke this morning refreshed. throw in some yoga and a lovely breakfast with a british feel with my boy and it was a great start to the day.

last night's outing with the girls at a local brewery was mighty fun. lots of good girl talk (about boys, of course), a heaping plate of nachos and a youngish waiter who repeatedly asked, "is there anything I can *do* for you!?!" I genuinely laughed and felt good. (a possible reason for the good night's sleep?)

I think I've entered an uncharacteristic girl-y phase lately. I'm currently reading the new novel by Jennifer Weiner (which has a very Desperate Housewives feel) with books by Jodi Picoult and Anne Tyler in line next. oh, and a not so girly "How to be idle", which the super-fantastic boyfriend got a kick out of. "you are *not* going to read a book to learn how to do nothing!?!" I explained that it was more of a social commentary on the craziness of American society and our incomprehensible drive to work ourselves to death, but I'm not sure he bought it. I can't hold his skepticism against him, though. I mean, the boy exudes ease and relaxation. nothing seems to upset him or make him lose his cool. yeah, I'm jealous.

back to being girly. I realized yesterday that I have an inordinate amount of pink clothing, which came as a shock. I knew that I had been taking the baby blue phase a bit too far lately (blanket, slippers, house-sweater) but significant numbers of light pink clothing in addition to that is just too much. I must seek deep, earthy colors on all upcoming shopping excursions. (oh wait, I hate shoppping!)


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