Monday, September 24, 2007

fashionably delicious

in lovely "yeah, I live in the city" fashion, I headed out on (what I thought was) a single errand or two after lunch today and didn't make it back home for five hours! I had intended to visit the Reading Terminal Market and drop off a volunteer app. (booth closed on mondays, drat!) and *maybe* check out Macy's. See, my wardrobe is woefully interview inappropriate at this point. Granted, no one is beating down my door for interviews as of yet, but I figure I best be prepared when they do. Unfortunately, a good shopper I am not. Macy's, Anne Taylor, H & M, the list goes on. Not a top or shoe that met with my approval. Is paisley hot this season? really? I'm in trouble. I *did* manage to spend some money at Urban Outfitters, but the employer would have to allow even more casual-ness than HfHBC for my purchases to count as work-wear.

As I drug my weary self back in the direction of home, I found myself at Broad and South. okay, I walked there purposefully, are you happy? at this juncture lies Govinda's and Gourmet to Go, establishments I have often heard about but never experienced. Oh, sweet vegan mecca! I intended only to step inside and see their menu but, well, we've already seen how my intentions were panning out today.

could it be? a freezer case with...hand-dipped vegan ice cream before my very eyes!?!

me: what's that one?
slightly bored looking GtG employee: strawberry royale.
me: (high-pitched shriek of pleasure)
sblGtGe: would you like to taste it?
me: zomg, yes!
sblGtGe: (silently hands over spoon)
me: wa-hoo, that will do!

I love Philly.


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