Wednesday, September 12, 2007

it's a small world

i left home this morning on an exploratory mission. after wallowing in a melancholic haze on the couch all day yesterday, I needed an adventure to reinvigorate my fabulous new city-self. a visit to the Reading Terminal Market and some yummy fresh veggie juice made for a nice start. i then wandered up and down streets with no rhyme or reason just to see what I might find.

i passed a small grocery store that had cupcakes or was called cupcake or something similar and continued walking. though i had no desire for cupcakes (really, truly, I swear) and can't say exactly why, I turned around and went back to the entrance of that store. upon entering, I found the son of my former boss, who has not been heard from since departing, working the counter. it's hard to describe exactly how unnerved this made me. I felt myself stammering while making conversation with him and doing my best *not* to interrogate him as to the well-being of his mom. I hope I didn't offend him by keeping it short and sweet and well, bolting.

a few blocks further into my ramble, I was ecstatic to come across none other than Brew Ha Ha, a relative of my favorite coffee shop from the burbs. unfortunately, it's atmosphere is nothing like the maple glen location and, considering that's why I loved it, I likely won't be making the haul over that way very often. but I felt compelled to stop for a latte nonetheless, as if I had run into an old friend and "so how've you been" chit-chat was in order.

I eventually called it a day (i sound like my mom - it was noon!) and made my way home. exploring the city is hard work!


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