Monday, August 23, 2010

que es esto?

Day 1

Yoga - 1
wow, my hips weren't ready for that. it will be interesting to see if this has any effect on my ability to run. i've found that my running is enhanced by lifting legs, simply because when i do, i thoroughly stretch my legs in between sets. i've been able to work up to running 3 x's per week sans yoga. wouldn't it be nice if yoga allowed me to go to every other day? but even if it doesn't, holy crap is it so awesome to be back to running full-time!

Spanish - 1
i'm actually ahead since i began my RS education yesterday, but if i counted that my numbers would be off and that would irritate me. RS is *awesome*. it's as much "immersion" as you can get through a piece of computer software. no English translations. i started at the most basic level, which i'm not exactly after 2 (or 3?) years of high school Spanish and a community school class. but it's serving as a good refresher and intro into how the program works. the only problem so far is that my macbook microphone is overly sensitive, so it's hearing something (not me), judging me incorrect and buzzing me. i've found that if i can say the required fast enough, nearly as they finish saying it, i can beat out any other noise and be "correct". i must look ridiculous, though, on the edge of my seat, hunched over the laptop, trying to mock whatever it says the instant it says it.

evening of meaningful, horizon-broadening extracurriculars - check!


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