Saturday, August 28, 2010


Day 4

Yoga - 3
Spanish - 3

Thursday conspired against me. I slept in then went for a run. while i planned to run longer since i had the morning free, the ache in my foot, shin and knee told me to turn around and make it 3. i blame this on the yoga, which seems like a good idea, stretching and all that, but actually puts additional stress on my knee in strange ways. so i wasn't going to make it a priority to do yoga that day.

i had the morning off because of a staff day, when we officially closed and instead met up for a BBQ in the morning and headed over to a Phillies game in the afternoon. the weather was perfect, everyone was in good spirits and it was a great day. and of course beers were drunk. having two beers was the only thing that made sitting in the nosebleed section not paralyzingly terrifying! so while it was still early by the time i arrived home, i was suffering from that "i drank in the daytime" lethargy that was in no way conducive to learning a second language. somehow i managed to finish the book of the week (strong indication of how good it was), but that took all the energy i could muster and it was an ER evening the rest of the way.


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