Tuesday, September 07, 2010

hola espanol, adios yoga!

Day 14

Yoga - 3
Spanish - 6

Of course the setting of the goal is the easiest part. My two week crack at getting back into yoga and starting to learn Spanish wasn't a complete failure, but i'm not exactly proud.

I come in at a lowly 21% completion for yoga, which simply strengthens my assumption that i'm just not into it anymore. if publicly (well, sort of) challenging myself to do it didn't work, i think it's time to stop trying.

Spanish, on the other hand, I completed only 42% over the past two weeks, but I still feel like i'm really learning and am excited to continue.

so spanish makes the cut, adios (for now at least) yoga!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

el perro es grande

Day 13

Yoga - 3
Spanish - 6

Put in about 2 hrs of Spanish today. completed lesson cuatro and therefore unit uno. by the end of lesson cuatro, i was answering questions faster than they could say them, feeling all badass. the format of the questions gets predictable and there is a lot of repetition throughout the lessons. and then they give you the unit milestone...

all of a sudden, you're on a virtual hiking trip in the woods and trying to communicate with another group of hikers and their damn hungry perro. what!? i failed miserably and i'm sure they talked about me (in spanish, of course) after i left. end score - 75%:(

i'm worst at speaking, followed closely by hearing. my accent for "r"s is terrible. i was repeatedly buzzed on tres and cuatro, not what i (previously) considered difficult words. i should probably blindfold myself to get better at hearing. my eyes process the words and i get the answer correct without really having to understand what they're saying. then they take the words away and i'm instantly dumb.


Days 9, 10, 11 and 12

Yoga - 3
Spanish - 5

Spectacular lack of motivation this week. Ran twice, which has my foot back to hurting, which leads me to think it's time for my long recovery period.

despite getting out of work at a reasonable time every night, my mind just wasn't in a place to use the time productively. much ER was watched this week, a good book finished and a great one begun.

the long weekend is upon us, though, providing ample opportunity to finish unit one and make some progress on unit two.