Monday, August 30, 2010

Yo corriendo!

Day 8

Yoga - 3
Spanish - 5

and so begins week 2.

i'm at about 38% for yoga and i'm really not inclined to be upset about that or push it further. i didn't run all weekend to allow my knee to recoup and was able to do a solid 4 this morning which got me to my goal of 40 miles for the month. i am *so* happy to be able to average 10 miles a week!!!

Spanish is a much more respectable 63%. not bad for a week that included a long weekend with the outlaws, a picnic and a baby shower. nothing slated for evenings this week so i plan to hold steady.

Lesson 4 is long! i also (finally) clued into the fact that they spend a lot of time sending you back to review parts of previous lessons. completely logical and useful, but also slow going for the long lessons.

i fear my accent is simply too horrendous. even with a new headset microphone, i still got buzzed a little too often. i am a mouth breather, so i tried holding my breath before each attempt which seemed to help. what's a little lack of oxygen for the good of an education, right?


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