Saturday, September 04, 2010

el perro es grande

Day 13

Yoga - 3
Spanish - 6

Put in about 2 hrs of Spanish today. completed lesson cuatro and therefore unit uno. by the end of lesson cuatro, i was answering questions faster than they could say them, feeling all badass. the format of the questions gets predictable and there is a lot of repetition throughout the lessons. and then they give you the unit milestone...

all of a sudden, you're on a virtual hiking trip in the woods and trying to communicate with another group of hikers and their damn hungry perro. what!? i failed miserably and i'm sure they talked about me (in spanish, of course) after i left. end score - 75%:(

i'm worst at speaking, followed closely by hearing. my accent for "r"s is terrible. i was repeatedly buzzed on tres and cuatro, not what i (previously) considered difficult words. i should probably blindfold myself to get better at hearing. my eyes process the words and i get the answer correct without really having to understand what they're saying. then they take the words away and i'm instantly dumb.


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